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How the ADEA Protects Employees from Age Discrimination

Young and elderly employees often experience age discrimination at workplace, creating difficulty for them to progress in their career and efficiently perform their job. There are several laws in place that prohibit employers from firing, promoting, hiring, or deciding the compensation of an employee based on their age.

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Suing Your Employer for Wrongful Termination After Quitting the Job

For an employee to file a wrongful termination claim, the general perception is that they must prove the employer fired them in violation of the employment contract or for unfair reasons. However, there are situations where an employee is forced to resign from their job because of intolerable or hostile working conditions.

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What You Should Know About Genetic Information Discrimination

Acquiring genetic information from employees is a form of employment discrimination, where an employer or insurance company treats people differently based on their genetic mutation. The genetic information also provides information about an inherited disorder, which may result in biasness and discrimination at various levels in a workplace. If you think you have been subjected to genetic information discrimination, you may have some questions in your mind.

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A Look at the Provisions of the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act

The bipartisan VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act was passed by the Senate on June 6, 2017, which was signed into law in by President Donald Trump, with the aim to bring a significant reform to civil service. The bill comprises of statutes that will ease restrictions pertaining to termination and discipline of employees that is directed from the veteran affairs dependent.

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