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Taking Your Claim to Court in Chicago, Illinois and Surrounding Areas

One of the biggest challenges in bringing an employment claim to court is evidentiary. There may be scant direct evidence of discrimination. Your employer may also offer conflicting versions of the facts, perhaps citing poor work performance to justify the adverse employment action it took against you.

Fighting Pretext In Employment Discrimination

Fortunately, there are other ways to prove that your employer’s excuses are the pretext for discrimination or other unlawful workplace behavior. The Law Office of Michael T. Smith & Associates knows how to see through these fallacies. With the civil discovery, we can thoroughly investigate your workplace conditions for inconsistencies, contradictions, and other clues that undermine the legitimate reasons offered by your employer. We then interweave that evidence into a compelling trial narrative.

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Gaining Credibility In Front Of The Jury

For example, any snags in your employer’s version of the story may seriously undermine its credibility in the eyes of a jury. Perhaps your employer gave conflicting reasons at different times to justify its actions. Perhaps your employer acted differently toward similarly situated employees who are not in your protected employment category. Perhaps your employer gave you unreasonable assignments to set you up for failure. Perhaps your human resources department failed to respond to your concerns or lack appropriate policies to responding to allegations of unlawful workplace behaviors. In our experience, we have found that juries often do not look kindly on such discrepancies.

As an experienced employment litigation firm, we excel in the courtroom. We know how to make our witnesses look good and to poke holes in the testimony of witnesses taking the stand against you. We have gone up against some of the biggest clients and obtained favorable results for our employees. In a nutshell, the Law Office of Michael T. Smith & Associates offers aggressive and experienced advocacy.

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When employees disguise discriminatory treatment with a pretext, you will need an aggressive employment law attorney who has extensive experience going up against corporate or governmental defendants in court. Call for a free initial consultation. You can also use our online contact form.