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Wrongful Termination: Know Your Rights

April 23, 2019

The term ‘wrongful termination’ is an event where an employer fires or terminates an employee for reasons that are prohibited by law. However, there are several U.S. laws in that provide protection to employees against wrongful termination, especially when the case involves discrimination, sexual harassment, breach of contracts, violation of policy, or whistleblowing.

For instance, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents an employer from discriminating against an employee on the basis of their age, gender, religion, color, race, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, or other characteristics. Also, there are different other statutes and laws prohibiting employers from showing prejudice and using illegitimate reasons to terminate employees.

Wrongful Termination: What Should You Do?

If you have been fired due to illegitimate reason by your employer, here are some tips you must follow to protect your position:

  • If you take legal action, hire a wrongful termination lawyer for advice and representation.

  • Evaluate your employment contract and learn the reason for your termination, along with the personnel who were responsible.

  • Request all documents pertaining to your termination in writing and request a severance package.

  • To avoid providing them with a valid reason for your termination, return all company assets and adhere to common post-employment procedures.

  • Under no circumstances, do not allow yourself to get intimidated. Do not make threats or act on any negative instincts against your employer. Those actions can be used against you in court.

What Are Your Rights?

If you have been fired or laid off and believe the reason was illegal or goes against the contractual agreement between you and your employer, you are legally entitled to pursue a claim for wrongful termination by hiring an experienced wrongful termination lawyer. They will help you understand your rights and help you make an informed decision.

There are several legal remedies that may help you seek justice and recover damages. In case your name has not been officially released from the company, your wrongful termination lawyer may try to negotiate a severance package that contains adequate compensation. If things do not crystallize, your attorney will formulate a strong case in your favor, ensuring you are able to obtain the maximum amount of compensation.

If you want to know more about wrongful termination or schedule a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Michael Smith to talk with an experienced wrongful termination lawyer.