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What Is The Illinois Pregnancy Leave Act?

Nov. 22, 2023

Being pregnant is often one of the most joyous times of life. But that joy can be tempered if you face discrimination in the workplace for being pregnant or taking maternity or parental leave. Fortunately, state and federal laws prohibit pregnancy discrimination, such as the Illinois Pregnancy Leave Act.

If you believe you were discriminated against because of pregnancy, our Schaumburg employment law attorney at the Law Office of Michael Smith shares your outrage. Contact our law office today to discuss your potential pregnancy discrimination case at (847) 466-1099.

Illinois Pregnancy Leave Act Overview

The Illinois Human Rights Act offers solid protections for Illinois residents against discrimination according to someone’s current pregnancy, past pregnancy, or intended pregnancy. You also are protected against discrimination based on pregnancy-related medical conditions. Furthermore, reproductive health decisions that stem from pregnancy, including abortion, contraception, or fertility care, are also protected. 

The Act also prohibits harassment based on your pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related medical condition. Actionable harassment on the job, in housing, or public accommodation happens when there is unwelcome conduct that is problematic enough that it changes the conditions of your employment, housing, or use of public accommodations. These are severe types of harassment and you have the right to take legal action.

Examples Of Pregnancy-Related Discrimination

Regarding the workplace, there are many potential examples of discrimination based on pregnancy and related medical conditions:

  • Your employer denies you the time you requested to go to your OB-GYN for a pregnancy checkup. Or your employer will not allow you to have time off for your fertility appointments.

  • Forcing a pregnant worker to take leave when there is no medically necessary reason.

  • Threatening a pregnant worker with being fired if they do not end their pregnancy.

  • Not promoting a pregnant worker because they are expecting soon.

  • Not promoting a non-pregnant worker because the employer believes they will soon become pregnant.

  • Retaliation against a worker because they complained about pregnancy discrimination

How A Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney Can Help You

When you suffer discrimination because of pregnancy, you may be able to file a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. With the help of your attorney, you could enjoy a successful outcome to your case and be entitled to some or all of these damages:

  • Front pay

  • Back pay

  • Lost job benefits

  • Pain and suffering

  • Reinstatement

  • Strain in your marriage

  • Legal fees

Also, the type of damages you receive in your claim can depend on whether you file an action under state or federal law. For example, you could only be entitled to noneconomic damages by filing a federal pregnancy discrimination lawsuit.

Speak To Our Schaumburg Employment Law Attorney Today

All Illinois residents have the right to be free of discrimination according to pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions, and childbirth. If you believe you have faced such discrimination, you could be entitled to compensation in a discrimination lawsuit.

The Schaumburg employment law attorneys at the Law Office of Michael Smith can review the evidence and determine if your case has merit. Contact our pregnancy discrimination attorneys today at (847) 466-1099. Mr. Smith has decades of experience fighting discrimination against his clients and will work to achieve the best outcome for your case.