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What Does Gender Discrimination Entail?

July 23, 2018

Gender equality is a basic human right which stipulates that every person is treated equally regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Both federal and state laws provide comprehensive protection but people continue to be discriminated on the basis of their gender. Statistically, women are more prone to discrimination due to their gender. Although the law allows people to file a claim if they believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of their gender, most people do not exercise their civil rights due to lack of knowledge. According to sex discrimination lawyers, while most women are affected by gender discrimination, other gender can also be affected by discriminatory behaviors.

Forms of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination in Workplace: Employment discrimination on the basis of gender is another common occurrence. Women, more than men, are underpaid and do not get the recognition they deserve while their male colleagues enjoy all the perks. Although the law provides protection to women against employment discrimination, a vast majority of women face gender discrimination at work.

Gender Discrimination in Education: Women are often denied equal opportunities as their male counterparts when it comes to getting admission in colleges and special academic programs. Getting your academic and intellectual acumen overlooked and underestimated just because of your gender is a common occurrence in educational settings.

Pregnancy Discrimination: Pregnant women are the most common victims of discrimination on the basis of their pregnancy. From public spaces, educational institutes to workplace environments, women suffer from discrimination. Despite laws prohibiting employers to discriminate on the basis of pregnancy, the number of discrimination continue to soar. Employers refuse to hire such individuals, or if they are already employed they are fired or demoted.

Harassment: Gender discrimination can take extreme forms when people tend to be harassed due to their gender. At times, reporting harassment can lead such a person to further trouble as they are labeled as troublemakers. Anyone who plays a role in discrimination case often themselves being subjected to discrimination as well.

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