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What Are Some Examples of Civil Rights Violations Covered Under the Civil Rights Act?

March 21, 2022

As per the Civil Rights Act, every US citizen has the right to be treated equally and fairly. Civil rights ensure this, particularly for people who have been historically discriminated against due to some group characteristic. This includes their gender, skin color, religion, and other factors that they cannot change and should not be discriminated against. If you think your employer is discriminating against you because of these factors, contact Chicago civil rights lawyers to discuss legal actions.

Common Civil Rights Violations

Here are just some examples of civil rights violations you may come across:

Racial Discrimination in Housing

If you think you were denied housing opportunities because of your skin color or race or because your landlord prefers Caucasians as tenants, you can sue for damages. In this case, the landlord has violated your civil rights by discriminating against you because of your race.

Refusal of Service Based on Sex or Gender

If a waiter or restaurant owner refuses to serve a homosexual man or woman, the latter has grounds to sue. In this case, the former is guilty of violating the civil rights of a patron based on their sexual orientation or identity.

Sex discrimination can take on several forms. It can also include unfair treatment or harassment of a person because of their sexual identity (transgender and gay people). Harassing women by disparaging their workplace contributions also comes under this violation. So if your employer fired you, demoted you, or denied you benefits because of your gender, you should contact Chicago civil rights lawyers and file a case against them.

Denying the Right to Vote

As per the Voting Rights Act of 1965, voting practices that deliberately exclude people based on their race, gender or disability are unlawful. No state or locality can pass a law that blocks citizens from voting without breaking the law.

What You Should Do If Your Civil Rights Are Violated

If you believe you have been discriminated against because of the abovementioned factors, you have several options. You can either file a complaint or contact Chicago civil rights lawyers. Whatever you do, don't stay in your situation as if nothing happened. Be a voice for the voiceless and stand up for your rights. If it is happening to you, it is also happening to others. Get the compensation you deserve for the emotional turmoil you went through.

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