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Understanding Wrongful Termination

Aug. 16, 2018

Termination or being fired from your job is a common occurrence. Every year, thousands of people lose their jobs due to a wide range of reasons and subsequently get new jobs as well. While termination is a norm, there are some instances where termination is considered to be unfair and wrongful.

Normally, when a person is fired from their job, they are provided with a reason and their tenure at the company comes to an end with mutual understanding and respect. But in some cases, employees are terminated from their jobs for wrong reasons such as personal grudges, racial or religious discrimination or even retaliatory discrimination. According to experienced wrongful termination lawyers, many people are not aware of their civil rights protected under the law and therefore do not file a complaint against their employers.

Different types of Wrongful Termination

As mentioned earlier, wrongful termination has many types. Just because you do not fit one definition does not mean that you have not been subjected to wrongful termination. If you were fired due to any of the following reasons, you might have a strong case of wrongful termination against your employer:

Discrimination – Termination on the basis of gender, race, religion or ethnic discrimination is one of the most common types of wrongful termination. While the law in Illinois allows employers to fire employees for any reason, it certainly does not empower them to use their bias against employees. Therefore, if you feel that your termination was rooted in discriminatory beliefs and actions of your employer, you might have a claim against your ex-employer.

Retaliation – Another common type of wrongful termination is retaliatory discharge or discrimination. As per retaliatory discharge lawyers, this type of wrongful discrimination is taken very seriously by the authorities, empowering you to collect the significant amount in damages and even get yourself reinstated on your former position.

How can a Wrongful Termination Lawyer help you?

One of the core aspects of a successful wrongful termination claim is substantiating your side of the story. With the experience and vast knowledge of a reputable wrongful termination lawyer, you would have a better chance of substantiating your claim and proving that you were a victim of wrongful termination.

If you feel like you have been subjected to wrongful termination at work, school or anywhere else or want to schedule a free consultation with an experienced wrongful termination lawyer, contact the Law Office of Michael Smith.