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Top FMLA Qualifying Events

July 31, 2019

If your organization is covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA, eligible employees can avail up to 12 weeks of job-protected, but unpaid leave under an FMLA qualifying event. There are different FMLA qualifying events, which make an employee eligible for leaves.

Serious Medical Condition

When an employee working for a company that is covered under the terms and conditions of the FMLA is seriously ill, that employee is qualified for leave under FMLA events. Broken or severely fractured bones, a serious illness that requires bed rest, epilepsy and recovering from surgery are some categories that limit an employee’s ability to perform to the best of their capabilities.

Serious Medical Condition of an Immediate Family Member

Another major qualifying event for FMLA is the serious health condition of an immediate family member. The conditions are pretty much the same for family members as they are for employees. If your immediate family member has a serious health condition and they require care, as a qualifying employee, you are entitled to leave under FMLA.

In such scenarios, you can also discuss your FMLA leaves case with an experienced employment attorney to know more about paid and unpaid leaves. Immediate family members include parents, children, spouse and grandparents. In-laws are not included in the FMLA leaves allotment event. In some states, same-sex partners are not covered under the FMLA, however, other states with additional legislation can avail leaves.

Birth of a Child or Adoption Placement Procedure

Depending on the scenario, if you have been expecting the birth of your child, women are entitled to maternity leaves under the FMLA. Paternal leaves are allotted to fathers who wish to take care of their partner and newborn. Similarly, due to any personal circumstances, if the employee is willing to give up their child for adoption placement, they are entitled to leaves under FMLA guidelines. If both parents are employed by the same company, then the company may request the employees to share their FMLA leaves.

All employees are covered under FMLA for any assigned unpaid or paid leaves. If you want to know more about FMLA qualifying events, make sure to schedule a free consultation by contacting the Law Office of Michael Smith at (847) 220-5197 to talk with an experienced employment lawyer.