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Is Illinois A Right To Work State?

Dec. 7, 2021

As of April 2019, Illinois is not a right-to-work state. The legislation was signed into effect by Governor J.B. Pritzker, which rolled back the protections that Lincolnshire had established in 2015. The decision was later overruled by the federal court, which ruled that only states have the authority to adopt laws.

What Is Right-To-Work?

Also known as the Workplace Freedom or Workplace Choice law, right-to-work law allows workers the right to choose whether they wish to join a workplace union or not. States that have this law ensure that workers are not forced to pay union dues and other membership charges needed for union maintenance and representation whether they are members or not.

The law addresses the clause many companies include in their policy for union security. The policy states that the employer has the right to fire an employee who fails to pay their membership dues or other charges required by a workplace union.

Federal law legalizes union security clauses in company policies, but employers cannot include that clause in work contracts if a state passes a right-to-work law. So if a state such as Illinois elects to be a right-to-work state, that means workers will not have to worry about losing their jobs if they refuse to finance or support a union.

The more workers opt out of a union, the less revenue the latter gets from the employees it represents. However, since Illinois is an at-will state, employers can fire their employees at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

On the other hand, they can only do so for legal reasons. So if you think your employer has fired you or is harassing you based on your skin color, age, gender, nationality, or place of origin, you should get help from Chicago employment lawyers and sue for damages. You can also file a lawsuit against employers that give you a hard time for jury duty.

As an employee in Illinois, you should not have to face each day at work completely stressed out because of harassment or the threat of termination. If you think your employer is making your life difficult to make you quit your job or for any reason, you have the right to sue for damages.

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