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Illinois Pregnancy Laws That Employers Must Follow

Dec. 7, 2022

In Illinois, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against employees or job candidates who are expecting a baby, just gave birth, or suffer from medical conditions because of pregnancy or childbirth. Contact Chicago employment law attorneys immediately if your boss has violated any Illinois pregnancy laws we will discuss.

Illinois Pregnancy Laws Employers Have To Follow To Avoid Lawsuits

If you fulfill any of the pregnancy terms mentioned in the law, you can sue your boss if they break any of these pregnancy laws:

1.      Reinstatement Post Pregnancy

Per the law, your employer has to reinstate employees affected by their pregnancy or who suffered complications during childbirth. They can reinstate you in your original position or one that is equivalent unless they can prove it will not impose hardship.

2.      Post-Pregnancy Notices in Conspicuous Locations

Employers must post pregnancy policy notices in accessible and conspicuous locations, including the employee handbook. It should be approved by the Illinois Department of Human Rights and summarize the rights of pregnant employees in the workplace. The notice should also provide steps pregnant employees can take if they wish to file charges against employers who violate pregnancy laws.

3.      Maternity Payments

Illinois doesn't have a law that makes paid maternity leave mandatory for employers. However, you can fund your time off as a parent by applying for short-term disability benefits instead if your workplace is covered for it. Ask HR regarding this benefit if you cannot find it in your employee handbook.

4.      Reasonable Accommodations

In Illinois, employers must provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees to ease their work experience and reduce strain. This includes:

  • allowing frequent bathroom breaks.

  • Allowing frequent breaks for rest or water.

  • Aid with manual labor, such as lifting heavy objects.

  • A comfortable chair.

  • A temporary change of duties.

  • A private room where they can pump breast milk.

  • Days or time off for medical consultations or leave.

  • Changing work duties, such as replacing stressful or manually intensive labor with simpler tasks.

  • Making the workplace accessible.

  • A reduced or modified work schedule.

  • Time off to recover from childbirth or conditions pertaining to it.

Employers have the right to deny accommodation that causes undue hardship for them or the business. This includes options that are expensive or disruptive for the business.

If your employer refuses to provide these accommodations or violates the abovementioned laws, you can and should hold them accountable. Chicago employment law attorneys can ensure you get compensated for your stress and pain.

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