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How Does The Civil Service Reform Act Protect Federal Employees?

Feb. 23, 2023

5 wooden pegs isolating a peg in a block boxThe Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CRSA) was devised to offer government managers more flexibility to enhance government productivity and operations. It also was written to protect federal workers from unwarranted or unfair practices. The 1978 law set up merit system principles (MSPs) and prohibited personnel practices (PPPs) that safeguard federal applicants and employees for federal jobs. The Office of Special Counsel administers this law.

While the CRSA has done much to protect federal employees, there are still problems. If you think you were discriminated against while working for the federal government, our federal employee discrimination attorneys in Chicago can help.

More About The CSRA of 1978

This federal law also replaced the Civil Service Commission with the following federal agencies that protect federal workers:

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB)

The goal of this organization is to safeguard important merit system principles. It also is intended to encourage a robust federal workforce that does not engage in illegal personnel practices. In addition, the MSPB listens to federal employee appeals and researches federal merit systems to protect federal worker rights.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

The OPM is the major HR agency and personnel policy organization for the US government, It provides HR leadership and support to all federal organizations. It also helps federal employees to achieve their work aspirations in their service to the American public.

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)

The purpose of this authority is to offer a collective bargaining setup for the many classifications of federal employees. The FLRA is an intricate part of the labor-management relationship between federal workers and managers.

If You Were Discriminated Against In The Federal Government, What Should You Do?

If you think you are a victim of discrimination or retaliation in the federal government, you must follow an administrative process to resolve the issue. For example, you may be a victim of retaliation for reporting discrimination in the federal workplace. You first need to talk to an EEO counselor at the federal agency where the alleged discrimination occurred. However, the EEO process must be started within 45 days of the alleged discriminatory behavior.

If you miss this deadline, it can be extended in these situations:

  • You were not told of the 45-day time limit or were simply unaware of them.

  • You did not know that the discrimination occurred at the time.

  • You could not contact the EEO counselor promptly for reasons outside your control.

If you have difficulty reporting discrimination in the federal workplace, a federal discrimination attorney in Chicago can handle the process for you.

Speak To Our Federal Employee Discrimination Attorneys In Chicago

The CSRA is vital because it was one of the biggest reforms to federal personnel regulations since 1883, which was the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act. Do you think you were discriminated against in federal employment at the Kluczynski Federal Building or another federal building in Chicago? If so, please contact the Law Office Of Michael T. Smith & Associates at (847) 466-1099.