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Glass Ceiling in Today’s Workplace

Oct. 15, 2018

Every employer must evaluate an employee based on their qualifications, experiences, skills, and capabilities. Sadly, these credentials may get overlooked due to discrimination in many workplaces hence the term “workplace discrimination exists”. It refers to any instance where an employee may receive substandard treatment such as being offered a lower salary or facing harassment due to their age, race, sex, religious beliefs, or even pregnancy.

What Is a Glass Ceiling?

The term glass ceiling refers to a barrier to advancement in employment due to discrimination, gender prejudice and bias to be precise. Sadly, this partiality still exists in modern corporate culture of the United States. This prejudice hampers career progression for women, restricting them to move forward in their respective fields.

A survey conducted by Forbes revealed that due to the glass ceiling, men are able to secure more top jobs than women. The survey also tells that women may expect to earn around 75% of men’s salary. Women may experience humiliating and frustrating experiences when looking to get a promotion, which may force them to resign from their job.

However, the glass ceiling effect is not as obtuse as it used to be in the past, but rather quite subtle. This makes it more difficult to identify the victim and wrongdoer. Glass ceiling tactics may be used indirectly for discrimination of executive offices. This may include:

  • Offering stereotypical duties to a woman candidate

  • Isolating a woman from a business discussion or meeting

  • Progressive changing in job duties

  • Reassigned a woman’s tasks to a man

  • No promotion despite appreciations for excellent job performance

  • Using subtle condescending or degrading comments for a woman

An organization which contains a glass ceiling mentality tends to favor men over women, providing them better opportunities to grow. Consequently, talented and deserving women are unable to advance within a company, which can be highly negative for their career.

If you believe that you are becoming a victim of glass ceiling and suffering from discrimination or unlawful treatment at the workplace, it can be highly beneficial for your case to hire an experienced employment discrimination lawyer to remedy the situation. Your attorney will protect your rights and help you to use those rights to seek justice against prejudice shown by an employer. However, you must ensure that you hire a competent and seasoned employment discrimination lawyer who is not afraid to fight for your legal rights against intimidating adversaries.

If you feel like you have been subjected to glass ceiling discrimination at work or want to schedule a free consultation with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer, it is highly recommended for you to contact the Law Office of Michael Smith.