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Does ‘Single Mother Discrimination’ Exist?

March 6, 2019

Unfortunately, discrimination is a common issue in the United States that can occur in any workplace. However, this prejudicial behavior is no longer limited to race, color, religion, disability, or sex, but it has extended to marital status as well, particularly when it comes to single parents, especially single mothers.

Partiality against single moms at a workplace falls under the umbrella of marital status discrimination. It can take several forms; in some cases, it is more subtle and in other, it is quite more obvious. For instance, a single woman who is a mother may be deprived of a promotion, fired from a particular designation, denied an employment opportunity, or receive discriminatory or offensive remarks from her colleagues or managers.

Discrimination against Single Mothers at Work

Single parents, especially mothers may be subjected to discrimination on several fronts. Any workplace that, knowingly or unknowingly, harbors a misogynist mindset may create several difficulties for a single mother, which may impact their ability to perform their respective duties. In addition to that, the historical prejudice against women automatically places them in the lower level of hierarchy compared to men.

When a company does not offer flexible work schedule to employees who are single mothers, they are presented with several challenges to balance their work and parenting, especially if they do not have access to suitable childcare. Not only does this deprive a child of quality parenting, but the employee herself is drained and unable to work as productively as they could had provisions been made for them.

If you believe that you have been treated in a different way from other employees solely due to the fact that you are a single mother who is raising a child on your own, you should initiate legal action against the company. Examples of marital status employment discrimination may include:

  • Less qualified male employees or married women being promoted.

  • Hiring policy that excludes single women with children.

  • Work schedules for single mothers that they cannot commit to because of their obligations pertaining to childcare.

  • Fabricated infringements made to rationalize dismissing single mothers.

  • Creating a hostile workplace environment for single moms.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Hiring an experienced employment discrimination lawyer is extremely crucial for single mothers who seek redress for discriminatory and illegal treatment under employment discrimination law. Your attorney will analyze your case and work vigorously to pursue a valid claim on your behalf.

A skillful employment discrimination lawyer will devise a strong case in your favor and help you seek justice. Remedies may include rehiring in case you were terminated, promotion to the position or an equivalent position you lost and even an employment opportunity if you were unlawfully denied a chance to apply despite being eligible for the position.

A competent employment discrimination lawyer will also help you to obtain financial damages for any shock and discomfort, physical injury, or any mental distress that you may have been subjected to due to prejudice and biased treatment.

If you want to know more about workplace discrimination against single mothers or want to schedule a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Michael Smith to talk with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer.