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Sept. 13, 2023

When you are employed in Illinois, you are entitled to certain legal rights. But your rights may be overlooked when employers put profits over their employees. Fortunately, state and federal employment laws are created to safeguard employees and protect them from harm from employers. In this article, learn about employment-related claims our attorneys handle. If you have a potential case related to employment law, our Chicago employment lawyer at Law Office of Michael Smith can handle the matter promptly.

Employment Discrimination

Suppose you have been working at your Chicago employer for years, and suddenly you notice a serious change in how you are treated. You think you might be discriminated against. Several federal laws prohibit job-related discrimination, including:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  • Equal Pay Act of 1963

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

  • Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Many Americans suffer from medical conditions that affect how they do their jobs. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act was enacted to assist Illinois and nationwide employees in this situation. Some of these workers have medical conditions requiring special accommodations at work, while others may need extra time to care for themselves or loved ones.

The FMLA states that eligible employees of covered employers can take unpaid leave and have their jobs protected for specific situations involving family and medical conditions. You can take up to 12 work weeks off in one year for various reasons, including medical care, childbirth, caring for someone who is ill, and more.

Prerequisite Administrative Filings

Many employees who come to our Chicago legal office do not know that they must file an administrative complaint before filing an employment discrimination lawsuit.

Depending on the situation, you must file a claim with the Illinois Department of Human Rights or the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Our attorneys understand the procedural rules for filing discrimination allegations with either agency.

Retaliatory Discharge And Wrongful Termination

If you were fired for any reason, it may seem unfair, whatever the circumstances. But if you were fired for engaging in legally-protected activities, it is illegal. Retaliatory discharge is a form of wrongful termination and can happen in any company.

Our attorneys have seen many cases where workers were fired after they were hurt and intended to file worker’s compensation. Some employers will let employees go in this situation because claims raise the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance premiums. This type of discharge is illegal, and our attorneys have a strong record holding these types of employers accountable for their actions.

Going to Court

One of the most significant obstacles to bringing an employment-related claim to court is having sufficient evidence. There may not be direct evidence that you were discriminated against, but our attorneys can use the civil discovery process to investigate your workplace conditions for contradictions and inconsistencies that may undermine the reasons your employer offered.

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