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2 Ways Employers Can Stem Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Aug. 12, 2020

Gender discrimination in the workplace is usually experienced more by a female rather than male employees. If you count yourself as the former, chances are you may have experienced it in some form or another. You may have been passed over for a promotion in favor of another male colleague. Maybe you were let go from a job once your boss found out you were pregnant or you were sexually harassed.

Whatever the case may be, if you are in a position of power now, you may find yourself making the same mistakes. Here are some ways you can prevent gender discrimination in the workplace

Educate Employees about Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination can involve different types of harassment, which are based on gender stereotypes. It can involve any act making someone feel uncomfortable or discriminated against based on their sex. This includes both men and women.

While many of those acts can be overt, if management fails to nip them in the bud, they can become explicit. Prevent that from happening by holding workshops that teach employees how to avoid this behavior. Make these workshops more enjoyable by incorporating them into company outings.

Take Immediate Action to Address Complaints

If someone comes to you with a complaint involving gender discrimination, take action immediately to address it. Otherwise, the situation may escalate and you may face a lawsuit. Prevent that from happening by outlining clear procedures that can deal with different situations and follow through with them.

This includes asking the accused to explain their behavior and interviewing witnesses as well as other employees who may have been involved. This will help you to come to a suitable resolution. Depending on the severity of the harassment, it should involve paid/unpaid leaves and even dismissal.

Regardless of the severity of the claims, your aim as an employer should be to completely prevent gender discrimination. If you allow even small issues to slide, you will open the door for severe acts. By addressing and resolving each claim, you can pave the way for a discrimination-free and diverse workplace.

If you are an employee who has been discriminated against in the workplace because of your gender, you have every right to file a complaint. If that hasn’t worked, get in touch with us at the Law Office of Michael Smith for expert legal consultation and representation. We don’t back down from powerful employers and will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve in Schaumburg, IL.