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Filling Disability Discrimination Claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Due to unfortunate events and accidents, individuals might undergo temporary or permanent disability. It may lead them to an inability to perform certain tasks, making it difficult for employees to rejoin their previous position or job. Disability discrimination occurs when an employee is not provided the opportunity to rejoin the workplace with the same dignity and job, or an employer refuses to provide an employee with an environment that allows for normal work. It is strictly prohibited under both the Illinois Human Rights Act and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines.

Reasons for Wrongful Termination

Being wrongfully terminated can be more painful than losing a job due to a recession. The wrong termination can happen due to dissemination, refusing to be part of a criminal offense, acting as a whistleblower, or when an employee adheres to public policy. In all cases, an employee receives protection and they should file a charge against their employer, seek damages, or even be reinstatement to their old or a better position. The following are some reasons that should be carefully assessed before a charge for wrongful termination is filled with the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

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