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Things to Remember When Hiring an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Employment discrimination is still prevalent in the U.S. and hundreds of employees suffer from it. The good news is, there are several locals, state and federal laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protect employees from facing discriminatory behavior from their employers. This behavior includes discriminating against an employee on the basis of their age, race, religion, national origin, genetic information, pregnancy, disability and other characteristics.

If you have suffered discrimination at your workplace and are seeking justice, your best bet would be to hire an experienced employment discrimination lawyer to protect your legal rights and financial interests. Here are a few things to remember when hiring an employment discrimination attorney.

Tell Them the Purpose of Your Call – The first thing to do when you call an employment discrimination lawyer is brief them about the purpose of the call. Do you want to initiate a legal action? Want to understand whether you have a legal claim? Are you seeking legal advice? Establishing the purpose of your call at the start of the conversation will allow the lawyer to obtain a better understanding of your circumstances.

Do Not Hide Any Information – You need to tell your lawyer everything. Refrain from withholding any information related to your case. Remember, the conversation between you and your attorney is privileged and always remains confidential. This will allow them to effectively assess your situation and gauge your legal options.

Go for the facts – Due to certain actions of your employer, it is likely you have suffered an injustice and feel frustrated and upset. However, make sure to control your emotions and personal feelings. Focus more on the raw facts and specifics that may be important to your case. For instance, if you become a victim of harassment, tell them the complete details of the incident, including the individual’s name, time, location and date of the incident, etc.

Spare No Details – Many people do not mention parts of their story because they do not have evidence to prove it, however, sometimes even the trivial details can impact the final verdict. Thus, you must tell the entire story from your perspective and let your lawyer worry about how and what they will be able to prove in the court.

Answer Their Questions Carefully – Your employment discrimination lawyer might ask you several questions. You might find some of them irrelevant and feel frustrated, however, you must understand they require lots of information to evaluate all the possible legal options available to you and defend your rights in the court.

If you want to know more about things to remember when hiring a lawyer or want to schedule a free consultation, contact the Law Office of Michael Smith at (847) 220-5197 to talk with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer.

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