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Employee Conduct That Cannot Be Penalized by Employers in Illinois

Getting fired because you asked to be compensated for workplace injuries is devastating but in Illinois, you can take your employer to court for it. Even though Illinois is an at-will employment state, there are certain exceptions which prevent employers in Illinois from firing an employee. This includes employees who expose corruption, fraudulent behavior and other wrongdoings in the workplace.

EEOC Guidance for Employers in Response to COVID-19

Considering the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has published guidelines employers must keep in mind when dealing with coronavirus cases in the workplace.

HR 6201 Creates new FMLA Entitlement and Paid Leave for Employees

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, HR 6201, was signed into law last night by the President. There are two components to the law. The following is a summary of both sections of the law. We will continue to provide updates as they become available 

What Can Happen to Whistleblowers and How They Are Protected in Illinois?

No employee should be forced to work under conditions that violate their physical and mental health. Additionally, they should not be forced to remain silent if they see something at work that makes them fear for their own safety, as well as their co-workers' safety. The good news is that under Illinois's Whistleblower Act, they can complain about negligent employers without fear of reprisal.

Protect Yourself Against Wrongful Termination in Illinois

Since Illinois is an 'at will' state, your employer can fire you without notice and you can leave employment without notice as well. So how can employment be wrongfully terminated in this case? Simple - if the employer violates certain exceptions to this rule, which besides discrimination, also includes retaliation for certain actions you took to protect yourself in the workplace, violation of a work contract and termination.

The Role of the EEOC in Federal Employee Discrimination Claims in Illinois

Job discrimination based on unchangeable factors is not only unfair, it is downright inhumane. Fortunately, both private and federal employees in Illinois are protected against workplace discrimination in several ways.

Top 2 Signs of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace You May Be Ignoring

You may think you'll never be discriminated against, but if you find yourself gender bias in the workplace, you are not only being treated unfairly, your employer is also blocking you from lucrative career opportunities due to their personal opinion. Their actions may not be apparent at first, but certain actions and circumstances should convince you into taking legal action against them. Here are some actions you should watch out for:

What the Illinois Department of Human Rights Can and Cannot Do for a Discriminated Employee

Workplace discrimination can not only take a toll on your self-confidence, but it can block access to opportunities, which can otherwise improve your career aspects. In Illinois, such actions are illegal, especially if they compromise the safety and wellbeing of a protected class.

Why Employers Cannot Discriminate Against a Pregnant Employee in Illinois

When you are expecting a baby (or babies) and suffering from daily morning sickness, the last thing you want to hear is your employer saying you cannot take days off. This is where the Illinois Pregnancy Accommodation Law can protect you. According to the law, it is illegal for an employer who has 15 or more employees to treat an employee unfairly because they are pregnant.

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