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Glass Ceiling in Today's Workplace

Every employer must evaluate an employee based on their qualifications, experiences, skills, and capabilities. Sadly, these credentials may get overlooked due to discrimination in many workplaces hence the term "workplace discrimination exists". It refers to any instance where an employee may receive substandard treatment such as being offered a lower salary or facing harassment due to their age, race, sex, religious beliefs, or even pregnancy.

All You Need to Know About Transgender Discrimination

Transgenders are not a particular group of people, but a diverse community which represents individuals with different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Yet, transgenders experience discrimination on a regular basis, which affects nearly every aspect of their lives. Unsurprisingly, the workplace is not an exception, which is evident by The Williams Institute report revealing that 1 in 4 LGBT employees face discrimination. Common problems pertaining to transgender discrimination include refusal to hire, intrusion in privacy, verbal harassment, and physical violence.

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